A new blog, another season

I’ve let my blogs in various guises and from various years just peter out. In fact, when I finally got on WordPress again, I didn’t even know I had so many blogs (for my PhD, for my editing work, for my reading groups…).

As much as I hope to be profound and insightful and thus adored by the internet masses, I really would love a chronicle of my thoughts, hopes, dreams and milestones in my family’s life. So this is what “Circling the Story” is going to be about — part awesome, part lame, part just for me to remember so that when I’m incapable of remembering anything coherent or when I want to tell my grown sons how old they were when they got their first teeth, I can look it up. 🙂

And a note on the name: for as much as I’ve studied literature in my 31 years, I always am drawn to ‘story’. To narrative, pure and simple (of course we have to wonder if such a thing exists, but anyway…). And what’s captured my heart more than any other (on my good days) is the story of Grace — of grace in the person of Jesus, who made his dwelling in both glorious and diseased human flesh, who ran and walked and who touched both beauty and filth. It’s a beautiful, embodied story of something so much grander than we could imagine and so life-changing if we believe it and yet so humbling, gut-wrenching and hard that you wonder if this faith is really worth it. I want my story, and my family’s story, to circle *that* story. The ebbs and flows of faith, grace, wonder and beauty; touching death, decay and bringing hope and life.



  1. Just spent a while reading all your posts (from most recent to oldest–oh well). Really beautiful and lovely. I hope you post again soon (after thesis, maybe).



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