Sunshine and cleaning


Today the sun is shining. It’s in the 70’s and should get into the 80’s. I’m a happy mama. It means my kids can run and play and dig in the garden (we’re moving some plants around) and get lots of energy out. The sunshine also helps my mood lift.

Here’s the spot I’m in. As much as we love to be outside, I’m feeling the need to be inside purging our stuff. I’ve bought the book Organized Simplicity, written from Tsh over at Simple Mom. It’s a book I need. It helps you evaluate how you’re living with stuff, finances and clutter all through a family purpose statement that you come up with. One of these days Bryce and I need to actually come up with one and then maybe I’ll get to actually cleaning! ::wink, wink::

But I feel so surrounded by stuff. By stuff to do on my to-do list. By constant mess of toys and junk the kids no longer play with. And if I could just clear out actual clutter then maybe I’d have some space in my body and head for real things. For being with people without thinking of all the stuff I should be doing instead, of noticing my dirty floors that haven’t been mopped in however long, of seeing the paper pile up again.

I know if I ever get my house in order — and I’m not talking spotless — simply less stuff, less clutter, and a spot for everything — it’s not going to magically make life easier. But I do feel a more inviting space without all the extras will help me with larger goals I have for my mothering: for time to sit and relax and read together, for cooking together, for playing trains and sitting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

What about you?



  1. Ash, I know how you feel. Sometimes the paper especially can be overwhelming – bills to pay/file, magazines half-read, books on the bed stand. There is always the thought that I might need that back-up for taxes or re-read that article when we travel to Europe again. But I suspect that neither will be needed or used. And then, of course, there’s the garage!



  2. Ugh…the ongoing struggle of a clean home. Well, I’ll tell you one thing. My house is clean right now. Floors are swept, dishes are done, bathroom is clean and even the bed is made. Amazing, right?! And yet, I can still think of the other stupid things that have to be done. The house will never be perfectly clean. I just realized that I have to be okay with it (easier typed than done). We were at a friends’ house this week, and it was a WRECK. But she was out with us, having a great time, not apologizing for how messy her house was…she was just enjoying our company, and had us over with full knowledge of how messy her house was. I think we just have to suck it up and enjoy the day, whether or not our closets are organized. Dishes in the sink? Make cookies anyway. Too much clutter? Have friends over anyway, and don’t apologize…have fun. šŸ™‚
    P.S. I love that you’re blogging again!



  3. Funny, this is something I struggle with on a daily basis. I used to think it was just “perfectionism” and I would tell myself “if only I could” and know that if I could just get a bit more organized I would feel like a better person, a better mom, and that would make my life easier and give me more time. BUT, in recent months I feel like God has been showing me that this is not just a small “I wish my house was cleaner” battle, a worldly battle, but is indeed a spiritual one. I know it sounds slightly crazy…but I truly think that God is teaching me that I am so wrapped up in the clutter, the “i have to do” that it becomes a burden ….chains….and even a block on a spiritual level. I am frustrated with life and myself instead of being thankful for what HE has given. Anyway, don’t know if that resonates with you at all, and truly have no answer as I feel like God is just beginning to open my eyes to this. If it does resonate with you at all…I HIGHLY recommend the book, “One Thousand Gifts”. It touches on what we are talking about…she is a busy mom of six kids …and they are a farm family. An easy read, but easily the best book I have read in years; convicting yet not condemning. Either way, don’t let that junk and “mess” get you down. Know that my floor is dirty than it has been …well EVER…I am with you. šŸ˜‰



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