I see little blonde curly-haired girls and get a bit sad. Now please don’t misunderstand, I’d never give up any of my amazing little men for a girl, but there is something a bit sad inside of me that doesn’t have a little girl. I remember writing something a few years ago — before I was a mother — about contemplating motherhood. And I imagined a little girl with bouncing curls, frolicking and helpful; immersed in dirt and imagination. And my, those cute girly clothes — tights and skirts and dresses and polka dots.

I get a bit sad that I won’t be attending one of my daughter’s births (granted, I didn’t have my own mom at mine, so not sure I’d even get the opportunity). It’s just all those particularly female things that I will miss out on passing on. What do I do with my jewelry that I want to pass on?

Most people look at my life and either see its craziness or its blessing; and that is all there for sure. But it’s a good reminder that everyone carries at least a twinge of sadness amidst the abundance.


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