Stories for your weekend

Dear readers, here’s some links that I hope will inspire you as you look for beauty in the mundane this weekend.

All of these stories are beautiful stories of heartache and hurt and glorious redemption. They help give hope when you’re in a dark spot and illustrate how showing up — even when it’s hard — really matters.

  • Charity at Wounded Dove writes about her broken and restored marriage. I loved the part about her own complicity in her husband’s affair and being loved by a God who is relentless in his pursuit of unholy people.
  • Caiobhe at Hope Diaries takes her readers this month through her story of redemption where she least likely expected it. I enjoyed this post particularly.
  • Marilynne Robinson is hands-down one of my favorite authors writing today. Her newest novel, Lila, came out and I can’t wait to read it. Here’s an article (the prose here is also a gift) on her penetrating insight about writing as ‘bearing witness.’

Enjoying a Fall walk with my baby this weekend! (My boys are off somewhere climbing and fighting and playing Star Wars.)


And a few extra goodies to inspire, to fill your tummy and get you going:

  • I tried this lovely gluten-free and refined sugar free pumpkin bread. We doubled it to make two loaves and are almost done with them. It’s fun to have a healthy treat! (And to be totally honest we also bought candy corn; so, there’s that.).
  • I’ve been reading about minimalism a bit. Because that’s what I do, I read; I read and sometimes never do. But it’s been good. Here’s a helpful little tidbit on how to start purging.
  • I have a Pinterest board that I’ve started where I’m linking to other blog series I want to get to about design, or organization, or living intentionally. Check it out.

flower photo1

This is the twelfth post for the Write 31 days challenge, where I’ll be writing every day through the month of October. I’m excited to see what comes of this daily practice. I’d love for you to comment, pin the above image, share posts and subscribe to receive posts to the right in the sidebar as we work through these things together. Posts in the series are all linked to from the first post.



    1. I’m happy to — it’s a powerful story. Thank you for writing! And it’s good to read others’ posts on finding beauty in the everyday. I’ll check yours out. 🙂



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