Stories for your weekend [10.19.14]

As you’re curled up under a cozy blanket with something warm in your hands, read along with me. Here’s your carefully curated list of encouragement this weekend!

Fall is gorgeous in Utah! (Image Credit)

To read:

  • Read Mary Oliver’s poem, “I don’t want to be demure or respectable,” from her new book, Blue Horses, she shared with Vogue. Love her care for words, wit and spunk!
  • For my mamas in the trenches, here’s an article on giving your children grace. “It was God versus Sin, and we were co-warriors in this battle.”
  • What not to say to a father of four. This rang true for me, a mama of 4. But it also beautifully shows us how we all can feel ourselves to be so complex while we caricature others.
  • In love with lettering and school supplies, I’ve started a fun Pinterest board for all things hand-written.

Against All Grain: Pumpkin Spice Latte (linked below)


And on my list of things to do and make this Fall weekend:

flower photo1

This is the nineteenth post for the Write 31 days challenge, where I’ll be writing every day through the month of October. I’m excited to see what comes of this daily practice. I’d love for you to comment, pin the above image, share posts and subscribe to receive posts to the right in the sidebar as we work through these things together. Posts in the series are all linked to from the first post.


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