Writing — finding beauty in the mundane

I’ve written now every day for a whole month. Some days I felt the posts were inspired and the words flew. Other times I sat down late at night because of the discipline of writing. I’ve shared about being defined about how I look, marriage, little things like flowers and laundry and lots on vulnerability (here and here). It’s taught me that little moments that bring beauty are easily overlooked and easily forgotten unless we look for them, unless we practice seeing them.

It’s been a worthwhile journey. Words matter. Stories matter. Your story matters and so does mine. And maybe as we tell them to each other, we can begin to see connections and bring hope, that yes, we’re all broken but we’re also all beautiful. As we tell our stories to one another, as we write them, we remind ourselves of what it looks and feels like to be human. And this, I think, is worth doing. Is worth practicing and is worth setting pen to paper (or typing away at a keyboard).

I hope you’ll join me this next month for our theme, “Around the Table.” I’m excited to write about hospitality, breaking bread and drinking wine, and share a few recipes too! I won’t be posting quite as much (I’m aiming for 3-4 times a week), but I’m hopeful it’ll nourish your body and spirit as we look at life around the table. IMG_1573

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With love and gratitude for the journey,


flower photo1

This is the final post for the Write 31 days challenge, where I wrote every day through the month of October. I’d love for you to comment, pin the above image, share posts and subscribe to receive posts to the right in the sidebar as we work through these things together. Posts in the series are all linked to from the first post.



  1. What a beautiful table setting. Congratulations on finishing such an inspiring heartfelt journey. I will need to check out your next series too. I have read the same thing over and over, I think we are all planning to go down to about 3 times a week. It feels like it should be a breeze now!



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