How do you create daily habits of gratitude?

Today, I’m over at Jenn Thorson’s blog, The Purposeful Mom, sharing about 3 Easy Ways to Create a Culture of Gratitude in Your Home. Jenn’s got a great blog about living purposefully with grace in daily ways; and, it’s been a pleasure to be invited to speak to her readers.

Here’s just a snippet: Creating thankfulness means that we really see another person, and this is where story comes in, in the listening.


So go on over there and read the whole thing, and take a look at her pretty blog, too.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged by what you feel like you should do, or what Mrs. Crafty Pinterest shows are the ways you can be thankful this season. But like much of life, I’m finding it’s the same with gratitude; it’s little daily choices that add up that create new habits and new attitudes.

I’d love some more ideas! Please join the conversation. What are ways that we can all learn from one another about how to grow thankfulness? What do you do?



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