Little bits of hope to read, curated just for you

My dear readers,

Sometimes we all cling on to words to get us through. Or a mug. Or a square of chocolate. I’m hoping that these links do that for you — that they brighten your day, give you something to turn over and think about, and that they bring you peace and joy in some small way.


  • I have started following the blog of Kara Tippets, a young mom fighting for faith amidst her growing cancer. Her blog is so inspiring as it brings me back to my own struggle with believing God is good amidst my hard. This post I felt echoed some of my sentiments in this post on a simpler season. Take a look. Her words are a gift.
  • I’m heading to Anthropologie later this week to finally get myself a gold initial mug. Little things that bring a bit of joy.


  • Sometimes we just need a fresh space — real or virtual — to bring us a bit of hope. When the kitchen is overflowing with stuff and unwashed dishes, sometimes looking at what could be is more motivating than beating myself up about what is. This lovely space from The Makerista is just that for me. Natural light, books, bright colors and the soothing chair without kid clutter. Makes me want to work with what I have to create inviting spaces. And, to get rid of stuff!

The Makerista-Laura-Living Room-Womb-Chair-Tulip-Marble-Side-Table

Image credits: Laura Roland, AnthropologieThe Makerista


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