Those numbers are people

I ride a roller coaster almost daily. Letting numbers define me — whether it’s on the scale or my blog stats as I check them constantly to see how many are reading, is the number growing, and do readers stick around to read more than one post. It’s exhausting and defeating and I know I want no part of that, and yet, I keep hitting refresh. What’s that Bible verse about the dogs returning to their own vomit? Yeah, lovely image.


It’s time for a reboot.

But those numbers? They’re people. You guys have entrusted moments of your day to words that I type out with faltering hands. Words that offer refreshment, or ask questions or fumble gracelessly towards truth. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading.

Every number on there is a person. A real flesh-and-blood person that I might not even know personally. Someone who believes, like me, that stories matter. That your story matters. That together our stories can heal as we say the scary things out loud to one another.


So, what is your story? What dreams are you dreaming? What are you hoping for this Advent season? What’s the big thing that you’re afraid to say because once it has a name, you have to acknowledge it? I’ve already spilled the beans over here, what about you?



  1. To write! I have the same habit of stewing over the numbers (especially at my blog —, but then the same wonder when I think of each number being a person. Humbling to realize people read the words I leave trailing behind me as I process life. But one of my dreams is to write a book…a book about my grandma. Hers is only one story, but it’s one I don’t want to lose when her days here are done. I need a way to keep her voice, her grace and her wit present.

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