Five Minute Friday: Prepare

“Prepare” feels like a weight I can’t lift; full of To-Do lists and an endless round of stuff, of moving things back and forth and spending minutes, precious minutes, managing life, instead of living it.

I want to prepare in this Advent season, I do. But the type of preparation I want to do is the sort of heart preparation that looks like inadequacy, that feels like death, and means I’m motionless. With hands outstretched. Waiting. For His coming that will make sense of my days, make sense of my wandering, make sense of my anger at injustice and own wounded pride.

Preparation without the anxiety is such a gift. A beautiful moment to pause, to breathe, to remember who you are, why you’re here. And so I’m choosing to stop. To not worry about the mess and crumbs and the spills that I can get so side-tracked by. True preparation is pause, is reflection; for it’s there that we find not only who we are — as we move away from the bustle of the To-Do list — but we find Him. Humble, of no account, born in a no-name town. And there, there is peace.


Five-minute Friday is a weekly writing prompt where you write for 5 minutes flat, no editing. Visit here to see some other link-ups on “prepare”!



  1. Amen! “Preparation is a pause”–such truth in those words. May we all take the time to pause and reflect and remember that the gift God wants the most is our unruly, blackened hearts–and he’ll give them back to us—pure and holy.

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  2. Oh my goodness. This is breathtaking. I am feeling the same way this season. Like God is inviting me into a more spacious definition of preparing. One that lets me open my arms wide to receive Him and just breathe.



    1. Colleen, you made me all teary with your kind words. Thank you for reading and for encouraging my writing. This pausing and waiting and being silent is so counter-intuitive and counter-cultural, huh? I hope you’ll stick around. 🙂



  3. Yes! I feel like I’ve been sharing my friend Anna’s words tons but they fit so well here. She talks about “choosing to chase perfection or choosing to chase holy.” I think especially this time of the year we are too chase holy!



  4. “True preparation is pause, is reflection”…..totally agree with you. Beautiful post – again – lady…..absolutely loved it. Am printing it out to add to my ‘general’ daily journal…..and our December Daily….loved your writing. So many important points. Thank you.

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